“Cheaters” – Upper School Theater

The theater class performed a one act play, “Cheaters”, this past weekend under the direction of Erica Davidson.  The dramatic acting chops displayed by our students was impressive!








Bravo Erica Davidson and students!


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We’re Back and Arty-er Than Ever!

Welcome back to school! Hope everyone had a great break!

"Skeleton", Photography, Isabella Edwards, 12th Grade

“Skeleton”, Photography, Isabella Edwards, 12th Grade

To get you back in to the groove, there are a couple of shows and receptions to get those creative juices flowing.

Tuesday January 14th 5-7 Bank of Jackson, Oil Well

Student Art Exhibit Opening featuring works by students from USJ, JC, Trinity and Sacred Heart – Open to the public

Students featured from USJ Upper School:
Kate Petrinjak
Sarah Carraher
Sarah Pierce
Maddie Studtmann
Alannah Yellen
Bailey Cozart
Claire Jaggers
Hope Magee
Luokas Georgio
Clayton Hughes
Mattie Boyd
Samantha Sullivan
Jessica Garland

Students from Middle School

Anaki Mahajan, Michelle Nnaji, Caroline Yakin, Jared Koerner, Eli Garey, Maddie Bigford, Sarah Frix and Megan Gorbet

Sunday January 26th  2-4 West Tennessee Regional Art Center, 1200 Main St, Humboldt, TN 38343

West Tennessee Regional Juried Student Art Exhibit Awards Ceremony and reception– Open to the public

Students featured from USJ:
Harrison Baker
Sarah Carraher
Rebecca Cloar
Jacob Denbrock
Isabella Edwards
Madeline Koester
Sheffiga Rose
Jordan Stewart
Samantha Sullivan
Alannah Yellen
Mattias Chalikias
Sarah Frix
Shereen Haji
Hope Smith
Zander Threet

See you there!

Be A Better U – Art Gets In the Act

Today’s post is by Upper School art teacher extraordinaire, Libby Lynch. All photos submitted by Mrs. Lynch.

The idea for this unit in visual art was inspired by our student government’s acknowledgment of the power of the arts to address tough issues like “bullying”.  One of the student council members suggested that I look at “cardboard testimonies”, which I did, and together we came up with our visual art Unit…..


During advisory, teachers were asked to guide students to come up with a definition of bullying, a specific instance of bullying that they may have witnessed, or a more personal instance of bullying. Students were then asked to write their thoughts down on a 1”X 8” strip of paper, forcing them to limit their words.  All of the slips were then given to the upper school art department, mixed up and put in a box. Art students were then asked to draw two slips from the box and in their sketchbook think of a “one word” or short phrase positive response to the instance of bullying that they drew from the box.  Next the art students looked at the word as a “logo” and “drew” the letters, giving them a thickness and connecting the letters.








The words eventually become 3 dimensional sculptures that are covered with an article about bullying or a definition of bullying, somehow incorporating their original inspiration strip into the final sculpture.



The idea is that in spite of the bullying, the thing you truly see is the positive response.

Listen to the kids talk about the project.

School-Wide Halftime Show 2013

Finally!! After a weather delay we were able to have our annual School Wide Halftime Show.

Some got extra practice in.


Photo: Ginka

The Upper School worked their pipes.


Christophe Nabhan      Photo: Ginka

The Lower School got to dancing.


Photo: Ginka

Photos: Ginka

Photos: Ginka


Photo: Ginka

And lots of cheering of Bruins went on.


Deborah Lee Day     Photo: Ginka


Charlie Hughes and Eric Arnold     Photo: Ginka


Eric Arnold     Photo: Ginka

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Thanks to Cal Bigford and Isabella Edwards for helping cover the event.

Be a Better U – National Bullying Awareness Month

We interrupt or regularly scheduled arts coverage for an important announcement from Claire Jaggers, Vice President, SGA.

Be A Better U is a series of student-led assemblies that will exemplify alternatives to bullying in our school.  This month is National Bullying Awareness Month and we kicked things off with our first assembly this past Thursday that had an emphasis on music.


Photo: Cal Bigford

Former Miss America, Kellye Cash was guest speaker, speaking on staying true to oneself and dealing with peer pressure.


Photo: Cal Bigford

Photo: Cal Bigford

Photo: Cal Bigford


Photo: Cal Bigford

We hope to educate students on their potential for impact and inspire them to demonstrate strong morality in all circumstances. Our mission is to show students that being a better school starts with being a better you!

Each program will have a different focus. This week on October 31th the focus will be athletics. Future assemblies will be November 14th (art), and November 21st (writing).

Thanks Claire!

Beauty and the Beast – Upper School Musical

The little village of Jackson was treated to some talent this past weekend. The Upper School, along with some Middle and Lower School students, performed Beauty and the Beast.  If you aren’t familiar with the story it goes something like this:

There is a smart girl.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh          Photo: Ginka

Who lives in a town where everyone thinks she’s weird and talks behind her back.


Photo: Ginka

The only person who seems to like her is a hunky brute (Brute #1) who thinks he’s all that.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh, “Gaston” – Elijah Moore      Photo: Ginka

He can’t really help it because he is surrounded by enablers.


“Lefou” – Keaton Miller       Photo: Ginka


“Silly Girl 1” – Molly Maroney, “Gaston” – Elijah Moore, “Silly Girl 3” – Caroline Miller      Photo: Ginka



“Silly Girls” – Caroline Miller, Molly Maroney, Allison Banks

Fast forward, Smart Girl ends up being held captive by another brute (Brute #2 but with a heart of gold) in an enchanted castle.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh, “The Beast” – Chris Burton     Photo: Ginka

Who yells at her and makes her cry.


“Madame De La Grande Bouche” – Meredith Maroney        Photo: Ginka

Turns out he has been cursed to look like a member of an 80’s hair band until some poor girl comes along who doesn’t mind a “project”.


“A Selfish Prince” – Alexander Peftoulidis “Old Beggar Woman” – Claire Jaggers       Photo: Ginka


“The Beast” – Chris Burton       Photo: Ginka

Since everyone else in the castle is so nice despite their circumstances,


“Mrs. Potts” – Sierra Glosson, “Belle”- Sydney Kwasigroh Photo: Ginka

Singing and dancing


“Lumiere” – R. M. English, “Cogsworth” – Aaron Evans     Photo: Ginka

And offering her a decent meal.


Happy plate!


Meg Miller     Photo: Ginka

She decided to give Brute #2 a second chance.


Photo: Ginka

But Brute #1 decided to assert his bruteness and deal a near fatal blow to Brute #2.


Photo: Ginka

Making Smart Girl realize she likes a “project” and the curse was broken. Turns out Brute #2 cleans up well.


Photo: Ginka

Everyone lived happily ever after. The End!


Photo: Ginka

Congratulations on another stellar job!  To see all the pictures from the play, purchase downloads and prints, visit our photo site.