“Cheaters” – Upper School Theater

The theater class performed a one act play, “Cheaters”, this past weekend under the direction of Erica Davidson.  The dramatic acting chops displayed by our students was impressive!








Bravo Erica Davidson and students!


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We All Know It’s “A Kid’s Life”

The 4th grade musical about what it’s like to live with and without technology, was introduced by Mrs. Debbie Ford who confessed her skills on the iPad.

Debbie Ford Photo: Ginka

Debbie Ford Photo: Ginka

It all started when the kids lost their connections and were in a panic.

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

As it usually happens, the grandparents came to the rescue. They sang.

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

They danced.


They told amazing ghost stories.

Photo: Ginka

This guy could be the next Rod Serling!

Photo: Ginka

Most importantly the kids learned to never try to tell a granny she can’t jump rope anymore!

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

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USJ Students to Perform at The Dixie


Jenny Lynn Caterina (12th), Ethan Schlegel (6th), Mary Humphrey (6th), Alannah Yellan (9th) and Aaron Evans (10th) are performing in a production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream at The Dixie in Huntingdon.  Shows are Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7 pm and Saturday also 2 pm.

Break a leg, guys!


Beauty and the Beast – Upper School Musical

The little village of Jackson was treated to some talent this past weekend. The Upper School, along with some Middle and Lower School students, performed Beauty and the Beast.  If you aren’t familiar with the story it goes something like this:

There is a smart girl.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh          Photo: Ginka

Who lives in a town where everyone thinks she’s weird and talks behind her back.


Photo: Ginka

The only person who seems to like her is a hunky brute (Brute #1) who thinks he’s all that.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh, “Gaston” – Elijah Moore      Photo: Ginka

He can’t really help it because he is surrounded by enablers.


“Lefou” – Keaton Miller       Photo: Ginka


“Silly Girl 1” – Molly Maroney, “Gaston” – Elijah Moore, “Silly Girl 3” – Caroline Miller      Photo: Ginka



“Silly Girls” – Caroline Miller, Molly Maroney, Allison Banks

Fast forward, Smart Girl ends up being held captive by another brute (Brute #2 but with a heart of gold) in an enchanted castle.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh, “The Beast” – Chris Burton     Photo: Ginka

Who yells at her and makes her cry.


“Madame De La Grande Bouche” – Meredith Maroney        Photo: Ginka

Turns out he has been cursed to look like a member of an 80’s hair band until some poor girl comes along who doesn’t mind a “project”.


“A Selfish Prince” – Alexander Peftoulidis “Old Beggar Woman” – Claire Jaggers       Photo: Ginka


“The Beast” – Chris Burton       Photo: Ginka

Since everyone else in the castle is so nice despite their circumstances,


“Mrs. Potts” – Sierra Glosson, “Belle”- Sydney Kwasigroh Photo: Ginka

Singing and dancing


“Lumiere” – R. M. English, “Cogsworth” – Aaron Evans     Photo: Ginka

And offering her a decent meal.


Happy plate!


Meg Miller     Photo: Ginka

She decided to give Brute #2 a second chance.


Photo: Ginka

But Brute #1 decided to assert his bruteness and deal a near fatal blow to Brute #2.


Photo: Ginka

Making Smart Girl realize she likes a “project” and the curse was broken. Turns out Brute #2 cleans up well.


Photo: Ginka

Everyone lived happily ever after. The End!


Photo: Ginka

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Sweet Theater Season Opener – “Willie Wonka, Jr.”

This weekend a bunch of bratty kids took over the stage at Blankenship Theater. Don’t worry, they were just acting!

Chelsea Bada "Mrs. Beauregarde" and Ashlee Allison "Violet Beauregarde"  Photo: Terry Johnson

Chelsea Bada “Mrs. Beauregarde” and Ashlee Allison “Violet Beauregarde” Photo: Terry Johnson

We think……….

Mary Humphrey "Veruca Salt"  Photos: Ginka

Mary Humphrey “Veruca Salt” Photos: Ginka

Keaton Miller "Augustus Gloop" and Macy Scott "Mrs. Gloop" Photo: Ginka

Keaton Miller “Augustus Gloop” and Macy Scott “Mrs. Gloop” Photo: Ginka

There were scary moments

Brylee Whitsitt "Ms. Teavee", J.D. Jaggers "Mike Teavee" and Alexander Peftoulidis "Willie Wonka" Photo: Ginka

Brylee Whitsitt “Ms. Teavee”, J.D. Jaggers “Mike Teavee” and Alexander Peftoulidis “Willie Wonka” Photo: Ginka

Triumphant moments

Chandler Haynes "Mr. Salt" and Lili Mahalati "Veruca Salt" Photo: Ginka

Chandler Haynes “Mr. Salt” and Lili Mahalati “Veruca Salt” Photo: Ginka

And sad moments,

Vincent Stanfill "Charlie Bucket"  Photo: Ginka

Vincent Stanfill “Charlie Bucket” Photo: Ginka

But in the end, the sweet kid always wins.

Ethan Schlegel "Charlie Bucket"  Photo: Ginka

Ethan Schlegel “Charlie Bucket” Photo: Ginka

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Become an Arts Guild Partner. All the Cool Kids are Doing It!

You know by now that becoming an Arts Guild Partner will gets you lots of goodies; tickets and reserved seats, ads on our blog, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from being charitable.  What you may not know is what the students and school get from your generous contributions.


Photo: Ginka

Your money goes to all the arts departments school wide to fund musicals, supplies for art classes, special events, teacher training, and equipment upgrades and purchases.


Photo: Ginka

Your money also goes to fully fund all those great productions you see at the Blankenship Theater.  You heard that right!  All theater productions and even some partial teacher’s salaries are completely funded by partnership money through the Arts Guild.

It’s a big responsibility and we need your support!


Photo: Ginka

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