Photo Gallery Closing MAY 17TH

We have loved going to all the arts events and photographing your children this year.  We have a talented bunch don’t we!?

Chelsea Bada "Mrs. Beauregarde" and Ashlee Allison "Violet Beauregarde"  Photo: Terry Johnson

Chelsea Bada “Mrs. Beauregarde” and Ashlee Allison “Violet Beauregarde” Photo: Terry Johnson

Unfortunately, the Social Media position for next year has gone unfilled so we will be closing the online photo gallery and all social media outlets effective May 17th. EDITED: Twitter will remain open thanks to Dr. Tammy Grant. Head over there and start following us.

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

I want to send a big shout-out to this year’s interns, Cal Bigford and TJ Johnson, for doing such a great job helping me cover events.  I would also like to thank Isabella Edwards for filling in the gaps and being our fall-back.  Big thanks!!


To make your final download and print purchases from this year go to our gallery. Make all your selections and purchases by May 17th.


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