We All Know It’s “A Kid’s Life”

The 4th grade musical about what it’s like to live with and without technology, was introduced by Mrs. Debbie Ford who confessed her skills on the iPad.

Debbie Ford Photo: Ginka

Debbie Ford Photo: Ginka

It all started when the kids lost their connections and were in a panic.

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

As it usually happens, the grandparents came to the rescue. They sang.

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

They danced.


They told amazing ghost stories.

Photo: Ginka

This guy could be the next Rod Serling!

Photo: Ginka

Most importantly the kids learned to never try to tell a granny she can’t jump rope anymore!

Photo: Ginka

Photo: Ginka

To see more pictures and to purchase downloads and prints, visit the Lower School section of our online gallery.  ALL proceeds from your purchase goes to the arts at USJ.

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