Be A Better U – Art Gets In the Act

Today’s post is by Upper School art teacher extraordinaire, Libby Lynch. All photos submitted by Mrs. Lynch.

The idea for this unit in visual art was inspired by our student government’s acknowledgment of the power of the arts to address tough issues like “bullying”.  One of the student council members suggested that I look at “cardboard testimonies”, which I did, and together we came up with our visual art Unit…..


During advisory, teachers were asked to guide students to come up with a definition of bullying, a specific instance of bullying that they may have witnessed, or a more personal instance of bullying. Students were then asked to write their thoughts down on a 1”X 8” strip of paper, forcing them to limit their words.  All of the slips were then given to the upper school art department, mixed up and put in a box. Art students were then asked to draw two slips from the box and in their sketchbook think of a “one word” or short phrase positive response to the instance of bullying that they drew from the box.  Next the art students looked at the word as a “logo” and “drew” the letters, giving them a thickness and connecting the letters.








The words eventually become 3 dimensional sculptures that are covered with an article about bullying or a definition of bullying, somehow incorporating their original inspiration strip into the final sculpture.



The idea is that in spite of the bullying, the thing you truly see is the positive response.

Listen to the kids talk about the project.


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