All Northwest Jr. High Honor Choir

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to the all Northwest Jr High Regional Honor Choir!

Soprano 1

Ashlee Dunn, Abby Vaughn

Soprano 2

Bentlee Clarkson, Macy Scott, Ella Terry


Alto 1

Linsey Riggins

Alto 2

Ashlee Allison, Ali Butler, Maggie Exum, Sydney Kwasigroh


Patrick Aherrera, Tanner Atkins, Ethan Baskin, Trent Baldwin, Tyler Bruno, John Giampapa, J.D. Jaggers,  Amir Kaveh, Alexander Peftoulidis, Miguel Sioson, Wells Smith, Peyton Taylor


Jude Anderson,  Brian Bada, JP Boyd, Wesley Craig, Ryan Davis, Drew Harbin,  Chandler Haynes, Brittain Rainey, Landon Sellers, Trey Smith, Josh Tabor,  Jack Tygart, Michael Villarreal

Great job!!


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