Be a Better U – National Bullying Awareness Month

We interrupt or regularly scheduled arts coverage for an important announcement from Claire Jaggers, Vice President, SGA.

Be A Better U is a series of student-led assemblies that will exemplify alternatives to bullying in our school.  This month is National Bullying Awareness Month and we kicked things off with our first assembly this past Thursday that had an emphasis on music.


Photo: Cal Bigford

Former Miss America, Kellye Cash was guest speaker, speaking on staying true to oneself and dealing with peer pressure.


Photo: Cal Bigford

Photo: Cal Bigford

Photo: Cal Bigford


Photo: Cal Bigford

We hope to educate students on their potential for impact and inspire them to demonstrate strong morality in all circumstances. Our mission is to show students that being a better school starts with being a better you!

Each program will have a different focus. This week on October 31th the focus will be athletics. Future assemblies will be November 14th (art), and November 21st (writing).

Thanks Claire!


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