Beauty and the Beast – Upper School Musical

The little village of Jackson was treated to some talent this past weekend. The Upper School, along with some Middle and Lower School students, performed Beauty and the Beast.  If you aren’t familiar with the story it goes something like this:

There is a smart girl.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh          Photo: Ginka

Who lives in a town where everyone thinks she’s weird and talks behind her back.


Photo: Ginka

The only person who seems to like her is a hunky brute (Brute #1) who thinks he’s all that.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh, “Gaston” – Elijah Moore      Photo: Ginka

He can’t really help it because he is surrounded by enablers.


“Lefou” – Keaton Miller       Photo: Ginka


“Silly Girl 1” – Molly Maroney, “Gaston” – Elijah Moore, “Silly Girl 3” – Caroline Miller      Photo: Ginka



“Silly Girls” – Caroline Miller, Molly Maroney, Allison Banks

Fast forward, Smart Girl ends up being held captive by another brute (Brute #2 but with a heart of gold) in an enchanted castle.


“Belle” – Sydney Kwasigroh, “The Beast” – Chris Burton     Photo: Ginka

Who yells at her and makes her cry.


“Madame De La Grande Bouche” – Meredith Maroney        Photo: Ginka

Turns out he has been cursed to look like a member of an 80’s hair band until some poor girl comes along who doesn’t mind a “project”.


“A Selfish Prince” – Alexander Peftoulidis “Old Beggar Woman” – Claire Jaggers       Photo: Ginka


“The Beast” – Chris Burton       Photo: Ginka

Since everyone else in the castle is so nice despite their circumstances,


“Mrs. Potts” – Sierra Glosson, “Belle”- Sydney Kwasigroh Photo: Ginka

Singing and dancing


“Lumiere” – R. M. English, “Cogsworth” – Aaron Evans     Photo: Ginka

And offering her a decent meal.


Happy plate!


Meg Miller     Photo: Ginka

She decided to give Brute #2 a second chance.


Photo: Ginka

But Brute #1 decided to assert his bruteness and deal a near fatal blow to Brute #2.


Photo: Ginka

Making Smart Girl realize she likes a “project” and the curse was broken. Turns out Brute #2 cleans up well.


Photo: Ginka

Everyone lived happily ever after. The End!


Photo: Ginka

Congratulations on another stellar job!  To see all the pictures from the play, purchase downloads and prints, visit our photo site.


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