Sweet Theater Season Opener – “Willie Wonka, Jr.”

This weekend a bunch of bratty kids took over the stage at Blankenship Theater. Don’t worry, they were just acting!

Chelsea Bada "Mrs. Beauregarde" and Ashlee Allison "Violet Beauregarde"  Photo: Terry Johnson

Chelsea Bada “Mrs. Beauregarde” and Ashlee Allison “Violet Beauregarde” Photo: Terry Johnson

We think……….

Mary Humphrey "Veruca Salt"  Photos: Ginka

Mary Humphrey “Veruca Salt” Photos: Ginka

Keaton Miller "Augustus Gloop" and Macy Scott "Mrs. Gloop" Photo: Ginka

Keaton Miller “Augustus Gloop” and Macy Scott “Mrs. Gloop” Photo: Ginka

There were scary moments

Brylee Whitsitt "Ms. Teavee", J.D. Jaggers "Mike Teavee" and Alexander Peftoulidis "Willie Wonka" Photo: Ginka

Brylee Whitsitt “Ms. Teavee”, J.D. Jaggers “Mike Teavee” and Alexander Peftoulidis “Willie Wonka” Photo: Ginka

Triumphant moments

Chandler Haynes "Mr. Salt" and Lili Mahalati "Veruca Salt" Photo: Ginka

Chandler Haynes “Mr. Salt” and Lili Mahalati “Veruca Salt” Photo: Ginka

And sad moments,

Vincent Stanfill "Charlie Bucket"  Photo: Ginka

Vincent Stanfill “Charlie Bucket” Photo: Ginka

But in the end, the sweet kid always wins.

Ethan Schlegel "Charlie Bucket"  Photo: Ginka

Ethan Schlegel “Charlie Bucket” Photo: Ginka

To view more images from “Willie Wonka, Jr” and to purchase downloads and prints, visit our site.


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