Carlee Workman – Governor’s School of the Arts

This is the first in a series showcasing USJ students who were chosen and participated in the Tennessee Governor’s School of the Arts over the summer. The Tennessee Governor’s School of the Arts is a month long summer program for rising 11th and 12th grade students in Tennessee administered by the State Department of Education. Students are selected in competitive auditions during the months of January or February.

Carlee Workman, USJ Senior  Photo: Ginka

Carlee Workman, USJ Senior Photo: Ginka

“I was fortunate to be chosen for the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Visual Arts.   Mrs. Lynch helped prepare me and was a great encouragement through the whole process.”


© Carlee Workman


” Not only did I grow as an artist, but also had fun in the classrooms and meeting new friends.  Being around such creative and passionate people inspired me in my own work.”

© Carlee Workman

© Carlee Workman

“The teachers taught me new ways to improve my techniques by doing figure paintings and perspective drawings.”

© Carlee Workman

© Carlee Workman

“I also made great memories with new friends that I still keep in contact with.”


“During this month-long experience, I learned to never be afraid to try something different because art can be anything I want it to be.  I also learned to always let my artwork reflect who I am and what I believe.  I am so thankful for this wonderful experience.”

© Carlee Workman

© Carlee Workman

“I encourage anyone with a passion for the arts to apply to the Governor’s School program participate for an amazing learning opportunity.”

Thank you, Carlee!!


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