Become an Arts Guild Partner. All the Cool Kids are Doing It!

You know by now that becoming an Arts Guild Partner will gets you lots of goodies; tickets and reserved seats, ads on our blog, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from being charitable.  What you may not know is what the students and school get from your generous contributions.


Photo: Ginka

Your money goes to all the arts departments school wide to fund musicals, supplies for art classes, special events, teacher training, and equipment upgrades and purchases.


Photo: Ginka

Your money also goes to fully fund all those great productions you see at the Blankenship Theater.  You heard that right!  All theater productions and even some partial teacher’s salaries are completely funded by partnership money through the Arts Guild.

It’s a big responsibility and we need your support!


Photo: Ginka

Please consider becoming an Arts Guild Patron or Partner. Click here for the form and a list of levels and benefits.  Program deadline is September 6th.


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